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Provisionally licensed Psychologist, focused on Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

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Jorge Chavez
As life becomes increasingly more complicated, it is often difficult to find the time and place to reflect on the kind of person one needs to be in order to successfully navigate through it all. We believe we must tolerate or “suffer through” our current circumstances, as we are often unaware of the role, we play in limiting our growth and progress.
Dr. Chavez specializes in helping individuals and couples clearly and confidently identify their emotional needs, as well as develop healthy and appropriate avenues towards having these needs met. Peace of mind and a sense of purpose are essential elements of life that one must deliberately work towards.
He has a Masters from Columbia University, as well as a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University, and recently completed a Doctoral Internship at the University of California - Riverside.
Dr. Chavez is a Provisionally licensed Psychologist who specializes in Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy, integrating psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, attachment and mindfulness-based psychotherapy techniques.

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Dr. Chavez offers a free 30-minute consultation for potential clients, and he can be reached at
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1802 W 6th Street
STE B (Second floor)
Austin, TX 78703

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 7:00 PM



Avg Cost (per session): $100 - $200

Sliding Scale: Yes

Accepted Payment Methods: American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa


Parking is behind the office. There is no parking on 6th street.

1802 W 6th Street
Suite B (upstairs)
Austin, TX 78703
As you are approaching the office on 6th street:
  • Soon after the office on your left, you will see a small road with a NO OUTLET sign. Turn into that small road. Shortly after you will see a parking lot on your left for about 9 cars.
  • Park in any open spot.
  • Note: There is additional parking on Patterson and in the FREE parking garage across 6th street.
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    The Secret

    The Secret to a good night’s sleep was written by Dr Chavez in collaboration with his then three-year-old daughter. Establishing a healthy night time routine can be difficult for children and parents. This book takes the research of sleep hygiene and presents it in a easy to read, easy to understand illustrated children’s book that if incorporated into a daily night time routine can help improve night time habits and provide the structure needed for healthy, happy sleep.
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    The Secret, book by Jorge Chavez, Phd